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AirAsia Berhad (MYX: 5099) is a Malaysian low-cost airline headquartered near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is the largest airline in Malaysia by fleet size and destinations. AirAsia Group operates scheduled domestic and international flights to more than 165 destinations spanning 25 countries. Its main hub is klia2, the low-cost carrier terminal at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) in Sepang


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Former Employee - Finance Executive says

"Poor Management and too much politics"

Former Employee - Guest Service Assistant says

"The management and the team are the worst"

Former Employee - Guest Service Representative says

"Bad management style. Hire based on favouritism."

Former Employee - Manager says

"- company freezed all the payment including salary and reimbursement - abusive words by coo of AirAsia X - unfair and unequal treatments to staffs and cutomers -"


"Everything else they sell to you as a consumer or staff are all lies."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Politics always prevents things from moving forward. Management does not have leadership and they judge ppl based on personal preference."

Former Employee - Group Head says

"Founder led business where employees are highly protected and cushioned. Measure of performance is years served not merit or performance. You are safe and secure provided you dont challenge or question authority and wrong doing(within HR). HR thrives on this mentality and labels its as Company" Culture" There is a benign autocrat in HR who believes all employees are subservient and rules are for employees not for him. Highly political and toxic mentality and surely will do everything to get you out of the way if you are going to challenge his position and ways of operating. “My way or the highway” mentality I am the Boss and I call the shots, Questioning is insubordination Sadly "Whistle blowers" bringing these issues to the management will perish. Deeply rooted political and moral integrity issues that are poisoning the business which has all good intentions of changing the travel landscape. Ultimately its the people that make the business, the sooner you get this right the more successful you will be."

Pre-Flight executive (Email) says

"Worst company. Less salary, Very less allowances. No bonus. No overtime pay. Just wated comoany ever i did work. No medical benifits. Don't work in AirAsia"

Cabin Crew (Current Employee) says

"All for one, one for all. Colleagues are nice and friendly. The working culture and they have great team! The team is diversified and opportunities are given equally to all staffs. A good place to grow for beginners."

Manager - Talent Acquisition (PAN India) says

"Too far from the city, spends almost 5 hrs in travelling and hence work life balance will be a challenge. Otherwise carry amazing culture in Malyasia and has to be driven that in India too."

Flight attendant (Former Employee) says

"Mentally and physically has to be fit. Willing to work 8 hours and above without sleeping. Have to be ready all the time incase of any call up flight.TravelNo time"

Internship Trainee (Former Employee) says

"I am there for just a few month as intern where I am given the opportunity to learn about recruitment process in HR line. Lastly, the mentor program provided for me was satisfactory as my mentor did guide me step by step about the full recruitment process and provide me on job training.Learning OppurtunityEmployment Term"

Customer Service Assistance (Former Employee) says

"Air Asia provide good travel benefits to their employee, and it made me a very good communicator and enhance my problem solving skills."

A-320 Captain (Former Employee) says

"Often there are MELs. Some are questionable. A few are simply unsafe. Many A.C. have old PACs so, in summer time, on the ground, It can be 32c in the cockpit! Schedule changes often."

Ground Staff (Former Employee) says

"Learned alot during training. Explored new places and made new friends but unhappy with my stay. Before you apply, make sure if this is the job for you because there's no turning back.BenefitsColleagues, Unfairness, Bullying"

Finance Executive (Current Employee) says

"General ignorance can still be a serious workplace issue: four percent claim to have experienced “racist comments” and ten percent say “inappropriate humor” caused them offense. When broken down by gender, 40 percent of female employees felt their bosses were “disrespectful”, nearly one in ten (nine percent) said they bore the brunt of “sexist comments” and 23 percent of women didn’t like the fact that their bosses were “lazy”."

assistant flight dispatcher (Former Employee) says

"Air asia is an good company but less staff in flight operation department , we use to do all kindly of job at flight operation Monitoring flight movement , handling flight Deck crew , weather monitoring ,Notams and FDTL .& sending all weather information"

Guest Services Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Have to become a fast learner and more proactive working at airlines because there's no time to learn from other staff. A bit buzy workplace. The most I enjoy at airlines, I can meet a lot type of people from many country.Free voucher / discount travel idShort break / clinic panel"

AirAsia Ground Staff Intern (Former Employee) says

"As an intern with AirAsia, I had the chance to experience a dynamic working environment at Changi Airport. I managed to maintain smooth flowing passenger queues. With my friendly personality and strong interpersonal skills, I efficiently assisted check-in staff in checking passengers in, weighing and checking in baggage, issuing boarding passes and luggage labels, and answering queries prior to their flight. I facilitated best practice sharing across all gate hold rooms and delivered high levels of customer service to passengers and those travelling through the airport. With a strong sense of initiative, I skillfully anticipated and addressed customers’ needs such as assisting in the re-booking of their flights which have been cancelled or delayed. As a motivated and proactive individual, it was possible for me to integrate into my team while supporting day to day businesses.dynamic and challenging environmentfar distance from home"

Finance Executive (Current Employee) says

"Good experience Team work was the most important quality Learnt to solve issues and come up with creative solutions Learnt how to communicate well with team members Deal very well with customers Make sure no complaints from customers.Free flight ticketsNil"

Guest Service (Former Employee) says

"Air Asia BerhadFebuary 2010 – January 2011I was assigned to the Gate Department for 4 months when I started working for Air Asia. I learnt the system such as reading the code, the ‘turnaround time’ 25 minutes before departure time and boarding passengers onto the plane which is known as on-time-performance (OTP).My calculating skill was refined everyday while calculating offloads (baggage) at the gate. After a while, I asked to be transferred to the counter. My wish was granted and I was transferred to the R16 counter which was the complaint counter. I trained myself to be more patient when I was working the counter and did things efficiently according to the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)."

Guest Service Assistant (Current Employee) says

"It's a growing company with friendly environment and gives benefits.You get a chance for growth in career,become confident,well groomed and many more things to learn every day"

guest service agent (Former Employee) says

"fun people but not with good management, supervisor and above almost all racist and favoritism. Long working hours and only one time break, suggest 1.5 hour break time for staff at counter area."

Aircraft Maintenance Technician (Current Employee) says

"4 days work, 2 day shift and 2 night shift respectively. 12 hours work. Acquire skills in maintenance of aircraft. No so friendly management. 12 hours work might be tiring and also multi tasking. Friendly environment to work with."

Human Resource Officer (Current Employee) says

"flexible working environment, friendly employees, able to lean about human resource related tasks, training classes, able to learn and communicate with people from different culturesflexible working environmentlow salary"

Technician (Current Employee) says

"I will be assign to two or more aircraft transits per day. Beside transits i will be doing aog aircrafts and a checks. My team are very helpful people. Hardest will be during defects on pushback. We have to act very fast. The most enjoyable part of my job is treating the aircraft like a living thing. Such a beautiful human made marvel.Free lunchlong hours."

Aircraft Maintenance Base/Line (Former Employee) says

"I enjoy my life last year in air asia because of my friend and workmates.No free meal12hrs."

Allison Joann says

"I have been fighting with Air Asia for over 6 months trying to receive refunds on flights that they canceled. I was assured by the last person that I would receive a refund directly to my card, but it would take 12-16 weeks. It has now been over 6 months and I am STILL waiting, and now they are refusing to give me my money. I didn't get to use their service due to a cancellation on their end, therefore I am entitled to a refund."

David Wong says

"Rubbish airline, avoid at all costs! Just had my flight cancelled thru Covid, which is fine, but they won't give me back my money. Just had a live chat bot conversation with Ms stroppy. Outcome Computer says NO! Instead, you can book another flight date for free or put in a credit account and use within 2 years. Absolutely no good to me living in the UK as my whole trip to Malaysia has had to all be cancelled. They also have the habit of cancelling flights due to 'Operational reasons' ie not enough passengers on the flight, which left me high and dry in Singapore one year. My advice to anyone for flights in Asia, is use Malaysia Airlines, million miles better, prices comparable if not a bit more but they do refund your money in full in the event of cancellations, which they did for me."

Jess Hartono says

"Didn’t get my refund set about 10 emails, don’t use this company!!"

Renz Sinangote says

"ANNOYED AND VERY MUCH FRUSTRATED with this company! Have been chasing my refund since May 2020. Spoke to so many agents and was told that I will be put into priority because I should have gotten my refund already. But hey I guess Priority means not priority. Better not book your flight with this company unless you are sure that your flight will never be cancelled."

Charlie Noddings says

"Never got my refund!"

Polly Wilson says

"Flights cancelled by air Asia in March/April. Numerous contacts through Twitter ..... being processed ..... refund completed check bank account over next few months. HAS ANYONE ACTUALLY received A REFUND ?? THIS IS TOTALLY WRONG. DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY WAY FORWARD. THEY IGNORED ONE INSTRUCTION FOR REFUND AND DID CREDIT INSTEAD. MANAGED THAT QUICKLY ENOUGH. LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. WE WANT OUR MONEY BACK .......YOU !!! Cancelled the flights and are keeping our money."

Dir says

"I have booked in November 2019 for a flight in August 2020. The flight was cancelled by Air Asia and i have requested refund (bumpy road to request refund by the way, they are pushing to credit account strongly) Still no refund, despite many chats with real operators who are just staying kind but are doing nothing for you. Air Asia: I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!! I AM NOT A BANK TO PROVIDE YOU LOANS!! I NEED THE MONEY MYSELF!!"

Ryan says

"9 months after Airasia cancelled my flight my refund is still processing and after probably 100 attempts with the live chat I've never once been answered apart from there ridiculous annoying AVA bot. Complete lack of customer service, hoarding the cash in interest I bet as I doubt they are paying any workers they laid off during the pandemic"

confusionstate says

"AirAsia promised to give credit to my account after flight was cancelled due to Covid July 2020, Cebu to Manila. They even told me they had credited my member Big AirAsia Account valid for 2 years , total lies. Nothing was credited, nothing refunded! This is what you get with budget cheap airlines in a crisis. Stick to the big players, this bucket seat, gimic airline needs to fold and let real airlines prosper"

sanjay jain says

"Respected Sir/Madam my name is Sanjay Jain. Today morning I was travelling from Bangloar to Ahmedabad in Air Asia flight no I5 359 dated 13th December 2020 time 5.45 am. My luggage bag (suitcase wheel) as well as my suitcase was damaged in transportation. I am requesting you to solve my problem. Waiting for your reply as soon as possible. Thanking you."

Ivan Cznt says

"My flight KUL to Perth on 22/12/20 has been cancelled on 27/11/20. I chose a credit account request with AVA then I was able to chat with someone and they opened a case. After 10 days without news, I have contacted them on Twitter. I received a message from an agent transfering my request to the right department. Today my case has been closed... without any credit account! And when I see the status of my flight it has status booking confirmed!!! But looking for a brand new ticket there's of course no flight available for that date. I can't believe it : flight is cancelled but not the booking. Like this it's impossible to ask for anything with Ava!!! I wasn't asking a money refund but a credit account. That doesn't cost anything for them. So : never again!!! And I hope the covid will put this airline in bankrupcy."

Zoigzy says

"Oh dear, another 1 star review for the same reason as all the others. Canceled flight in March 2020 due to COVID and tried for 5 months to get a credit (not even a full refund). They kept asking for more and more information hoping that they could refuse due to lack of evidence. Eventually they said my AirAsia account has been credited but the account number quoted was not even mine, I suspect it was just a made up account. Any further investigation or complaint cases were unilaterally closed and finally emails to customer support were ignored completely. I know 2019 has been hard on the airline industry but Airasia’s short term penny pinching to ensure their survival will come back to bite them in 2021 when travellers read these reviews and realise the shabby treatment AirAsia gives their customers."

flyingdogturd says

"Like most everybody on this site we've had to jump through so many hoops to finally get our refund. But we did finally get it, 10 months later.....! It should be noted the information herein would only apply to people who received a refund/credit option after flights were cancelled, not those only receiving a credit offer. Time line: 13 Nov 2019: book flights for 7 April 2020. 18 March: flights cancelled, received email from Airasia offering refund/credit options. 18 March: log in to Airasia account, open chat, select refund, informed to expect refund within 3 weeks. 22 March: Australia closes borders. 9 April: (the end of their 3 week processing time) to 8 September, multiple attempts to contact them, all fail. Chat bot completely useless, go around in circles (it's designed that way) contact via Facebook, same same, no call centres, no email contact, again, all designed to make it almost impossible to contact anyone there. 8 September: file chargeback claim with visa card. 10 October, chargeback rejected by Airasia, conveniently 2 days after the validity time of the claim, thus no possibility to have the claim re-examined by card provider. 12 October: File complaint with our local consumer protection agency. 12 October: Consumer protection contacts Airasia, they obviously have an email address for a real person, unlike the rest of us who have only Aisasias' useless chat bot contact. 13 October: Airasia requests bank account details for refund, with the same processing time frame of 3 weeks. 12 November (4 weeks later) refund received. Hallelujah...will wonders never cease...! Obviously the only thing these dolts at Airasia will listen to is threats of legal action..! If you want your rightful refund you will need to get your local consumer protection agency involved. May all your (and our) negative derogatory incantations and bad karma be directed to Tony Fernandez and all others down the line involved in their decision to delay and resist their obligations. Quite obviously honesty is in very short supply within Airasia executives/administration."

Jane says

"The wording on their advertising leads you to believe you can get a credit if you’re unable to travel due to covid 19 restrictions, but whereas other airlines are offering flexibility. Air Asia is not. I would never buy another ticket from them again. I prefer to pay more and travel with a decent airline."

Linas Giedraitis says

"Flight cancelled 12 months ago - No refund No way of communicating with support"

Carol says

"If it was possible I'd not even give them 1 star,they cancelled flights for 2 people in March(from Thailand to Oz) and like others have said, their robot is useless,sends you round and round in circles then closes the case,in my book that is theft."

Serina says

"Still waiting (probably in vain) for a refund on a flight THEY cancelled in FEBRUARY 2020. Have been trying to contact them via their useless chat robot and through Facebook messenger but they just keep putting me off. No customer service and no money back. I used to fly with AirAsia a lot but I will never do it again."

Ns says

"I have flown with AirAsia quite a few times. Most of the time, my experience was 'below average' But the time came when I was at their gracious hands. On the way from colombo to bangkok, I collapsed on board. The cabin crew rushed in to help me out. They took a good care of me and wheeled me on a wheelchair to pass through the immigration fast. I gained consciousness by then (just feeling very weak) so I could feel and hear what they were doing for me. I received a good ER care and, when i recovered, wheeled to the transport to take me out of the airport. The ER care and transport, I paid, of course. But the helping hands were what touched me deeply. Apart from this experience, I do admit AirAsia is not one of my best airlines." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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